Am dating loser

I’m 23 years old and I fear that I may be the product of my overly exploited-social media obsessed-generation. Most people would view this as a faux pas and even cringe a little at this statement. We’ve been dating for about a month and shortly after we first had sex I found him creating distance between us.


What bothers me is that when I casually bring up the fact that it takes him 5 hours to text or call me back, he tells me I’m flipping out.

I find that inaccurate since I don’t feel that I get overly upset or loud with him.

This really upset me, so I tried not to care or bring up it up.

However, since we’ve been dating and I continue to frequent the bar, there have been some red flags. You were aware enough to realize that you’re dating a bartender.

Doesn’t matter if you’re dating a bartender or a saint. He may be less charismatic than your bartender, but he’ll be earnest, relationship-oriented, and single-minded in his attraction to you. No lectures for not replying to texts when you want him to. No freaking out that he’s got a past with other women. Now this does NOT mean that you should turn a blind eye to a man who is a player, a cheater, and a narcissistic jerk. So, Kristina, if you are with a guy who really likes you, who wants to be a boyfriend, and who sees himself as a husband one day – the ONLY way to deal with him is to trust him and not micromanage him.You are acting from a place of fear and insecurity and you’re paying the price for it. This is the man you should probably date and marry based on your natural insecurities. If you insist that you want to be with a confident, flirtatious, charismatic guy, you had better put all your fears aside and start trusting. If you’re with a guy who does NOT really like you, does NOT want to be a boyfriend, and does NOT see himself as a husband one day, it doesn’t matter how cool you are or how jealous you are; you’re just wasting your time. A guy is considered a loser because he doesn’t commit to one girl?


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