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You see what the rider sees, and it’s especially useful in combination with a variety of other viewpoints. Snowboarders won’t get much use out of this one, since their chests will be faced to the side, but skiers can come up with some pretty good forward footage.

It shows exactly what happens in front of you, and is particularly handy for showing the pinnacle shot as you do a trick in the air. If you want a “ground’s-eye” kind of shot, mounting it to your boot, board, or ski is your best option.

You may have read our blog post ‘ To begin with, get the camera in the right position.

This involves mounting it in a variety of areas to get a combination of view points. As one of the most popular and versatile of mounts, the pole mount allows you to place your camera on the end of a Go Pole and capture content from a variety of distances and viewpoints.

It uses Wi-Fi or data to connect your camera to your phone and show the viewpoint of the camera, so you can see where the camera is pointing before you take your video.

It provides a unique angle and can be used to show the view of the board as it glides on the snow, or inverted to show the full body of the rider.

Be careful when attaching your camera to the board, since damage is more likely when it’s so close to the ground.


is particularly useful for skiers and snowboarders simply because it enables you to document your own moves.

There’s no relying on someone else to record the video for you.


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