Amber heard dating woman

I have never been in the situation where the two have overlapped.I can't imagine how difficult that would be." She also added that "I have had relationships, successful relationships, with men, and I had a great relationship with a wonderful woman." She said she had felt that the media was anxious to label her relationship with Heard, however, she wasn't and isn't looking to have her sexuality defined.However, Heard seems to have a thick skin and despite negative media attention the actress doesn't scare over a few unkind words, "If I didn't want to be scrutinized, I would have just stayed in Texas," she said.Despite her current successful relationship with "The Lone Ranger" star, the "Paranoia" actress has had a relationship with at least one woman before now.How does a woman do better than the sexiest man alive? The actress has moved on from her fling with Johnny Depp with French model Marie de Villepin."The Rum Diary" star has received backlash in the past for allegedly carrying on an affair with Depp while he was with girlfriend of 14 years Vanessa Paradis.Many fans believe the sultry actress is the reason why the couple split.Depp, 50, recently ended his 14-year relationship with Vanessa Paradis and has since reportedly been romancing 27-year-old Amber Heard.

Being a private person made me want to not expose myself any more than I already had." "But I also felt I had a responsibility to not appear to be in hiding.I watched people around me succumb to hiding and hiding denotes shame. We all love who we love; we don't choose it." Heard goes on to talk about her journey out of Texas to Hollywood and her struggle to make it in the industry while all the time keeping up her "nothing to lose" attitude.


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