Amber naked for steve phone

A black woman from Kentucky was humiliated by jail officials when she was brought into a courtroom without pants, leaving a Louisville judge in disbelief. ” Judge Amber Wolf asked on courtroom video Friday afternoon.The female defendant in the video was in jail for failing to complete a diversion program for a prior shoplifting charge.During her time at Metro Corrections in Louisville she said she was never given a uniform and was forced to spend her time there without pants or feminine hygiene products.Wolf immediately began making phone calls to Metro Corrections officials in the video, outraged over the treatment of the woman.“No one deserves this, but particularly in a situation like this where you failed to complete a diversion program and didn’t even pick up new charges.” Wolf gave the woman a sentence of time served and a 0 fine.Superstar actor Johnny Depp blows his cork and hurls a wine bottle and glass — and it’s all caught on a shocking video.

” Depp, realizing he’s being taped, yells, “Oh, you got this going? Sources also told TMZ the video was shot months before the May 21 incident in which Heard claims Depp hit her.

Meanwhile, Heard final­ly made it to her deposition Saturday in Los Angeles.


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