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In January 2013, I was diagnosed with PH+ acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).I had just turned 19 and finished my first semester at the University of Florida.Her battle was short, just three months, which left me in shock and feeling very angry.My mom had always instilled in me the value of working hard to accomplish goals and I knew she wouldn’t want me wasting energy being angry.

After seeing a pediatric orthopedic for weeks and then a pediatric neurologist for MRI of her brain and spine, we finally got an answer in January as to what was going on with our little girl.I played basketball with my friends, attended college football games, joined organizations on my campus and even vacationed with my family to New York.


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    Using more pressure, OTOH, is highly productive of cuts, nicks, and razor burn.

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    Generally, if you are in good shape and like to top (guys with a kinky streak even better) that's the perfect FB. love pics of guys in their jock straps and / or speedos.

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    The majority of guys I’ve met just seem immature and are still stuck in the college mentality of getting wasted every weekend and hooking up with multiple girls.

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