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Both of these organizations are commanded by LTG William Caldwell.


The PX is where the residents and visitors do their shopping.

Now, large, metal shipping containers rest on top of the empty swimming pools, providing office space for the new tenants.

The lawns are long gone, replaced with concrete slabs that serve as the foundations for even more shipping containers converted into living quarters.

For the most part, it is adequate for finding essential items such as soap, shaving cream, toothpaste, teapots and the like. Listerine is almost always missing from the shelves.


It is this eclectic blending of past and present that gives Eggers its unique charm.

Gator Alley is the main street of Camp Eggers, running north from the main gate and terminating at the front of Warrior Gym, one of two well equipped athletic facilities available for the troops.


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