Amy lee dating 2016

Schumer reiterated that it was really a scar she obtained from a surfing mishap, but stated that her real vagina is in the right place.a very good actor hope to see him a long long time good skill he get good choice for not being the first lead cause he could play various roles he is very good in cold one and we can see him longer and often he has amazing face like a greece statue perfect and don't talk about his body and his amazing voice perfect too You're are talented actor.. I mean, before this, his model-turn-actor aura is still there whenever he act, but this time, i can totally see him acting like a real dongsaeng to Hwang Jung Eum. I'm jut pointing out that even if he is a very lovely character in this dramas he seems to always end up alone , and I'm very curios to know why Is he always getting the second lead character instead of the main and why is he always ending up alone ? Dunno what to say again buh seriously I like his long nose!


:*) Still watching Local Hero..more I see your performance the bigger a fan I become!!! Is it just me or could he and Lee Joon play brothers? he's soooo awesome portraying Gwi in Scholar Who Walks The Night, the hottest villain ever... When it comes to acting I only look for 3 things : expression, voice, and unique personality . I regret watching both Golden Cross, and Valid Love. please don't hurt Lee soo hyuk oppa anymore.hurt watching him hurt everytime he in drama.... not just like any Korean leading man, your snob look really attracts me. And you are a part of YG Family too, as a model under YG Entertainment *-* OMG! Lee Soo-Hyuk was really HOT in Scholar Who Walks the Night as the "Vampire Gwi" and in Don't Look Back : The Legend of Orpheus as "Kim Soo-Hyun" and now even with this kind of role in Neighborhood Hero 9 he still does looks GREAT (",) I wish he would have a romantic-action drama with him as the lead actor, something like the Descendants of the Sun story (",) FIGHTING !!! I almost died when I saw a picture of him and Top together a while back. first time I saw Lee Soo Hyuk when he appeared in 2ne1's It Hurts MV n totally fell for him. I was wondering if someday he will get bigger role n now he really does.. :) Made me wonder if there is something wrong with me. While waiting for new episodes I started to watch "Valid love", which has an interesting plot and sometimes makes me laugh. Amazing actor, smoking body and beautiful sexy eyes. You kind of remind me of Loki in your latest drama 'Scholar who walks the night' I really hope you get a lead role soon..fighting! because to be honest all of the people that comment here I'm pretty sure that they love his way of acting as I do. I love you since white christmas, i really like your friendship with kim woo bin, hong jong hyun, bang sung joon, and kim young kwang such as best buddies in the world, wkwk. hehehehe lee soo hyuk is not only good looking but his act is daebak. Lee Si-Young too, her last two dramas had atrocious stories IMO. I look forward watching more of your martial arts too. I have watched White Christmas already and my lopppph is getting higher!


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