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Many users trying to update to i OS 9 are reporting various errors, including the most common: Software Update Failed. We understand it can be very frustrating, but unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it at this time.The reality is that thousands, if not millions of people are currently trying to download i OS 9, slamming Apple’s servers, and causing those errors you see.Sure, by now Apple should have figured out how to avoid that recurring problem.Just like they should figure out how to properly handle the online Apple Store on pre-order day.An unknown error occurred (3194)." If you see the message, install the latest version of i Tunes and try to update or restore again. Besides to change the hosts files to get the error out of your i Phone, here is another practical way to solve the error 3194. After installing the program and connecting i Phone to computer, just click the fourth option called "More tools" on the left side.If this doesn't help, follow the steps below to fix i Tunes 3194 error. Fone Paw i OS System Recovery focuses on dealing with hard cases on the i OS devices, like error notes; DFU Mode; black screen, etc. Then you can view i OS System Recovery on the screen and you can use it to fix what you want. If the program can recognize your phone, please check the info on the screen and continue.

If you are not very clear what to do, you'd better turn to the experts for help.

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    If you see this message on your device on or after March 22, 2016, you will need to manually install the latest software update for your device in order to resume normal functionality. * For these devices, even if your device is running software version 2.5.8, if you have not connected to wireless (2G/3G) since October 5, 2015, you will need to manually install the latest software file from Amazon.

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