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Having a feature first might not sound like a big advantage when most people only want your hypervisor but that can be a very critical factor, especially for risk adverse organisations.Being able to demonstrate that a feature has been developed, released and used in the field gives those kinds of customers the confidence they need in order to use that feature.Just take a look at the features being offered in Hyper-V 3.0 and then look up how long VMware has had that feature.For the vast majority of them it’s been available for years through VMware and is only just becoming available for Hyper-V.As such VMware now has an extensive catalogue of value add products for environments based on their hypervisor and that’s where the true value is.Which is why I get surprised when I see articles like this one from Ars Technica.There’s no doubting that VMware is undergoing a small transformation at the moment having back peddled on the controversial v RAM issue and even taking the unprecedented step of joining Open Stack.



Indeed they were much more focused on the layers on top of the base hypervisor which they could provide.

Whilst Microsoft and CITRIX struggled for a long time to provide even the most basic of services like v Motion/Live Migration VMware knew that it was only a matter of time before their base product offered feature parity to theirs.


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