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Andre is obsessed with women, but there was a point in time when he remained abstinent.

Take a look at a their son named, Seven Sirius Benjamin below. In 2012 interview, Erykah semi-hinted to the fact that her heart was never truly over Andre though. The first thing people would think about us is, ‘Oh, they don’t get along.’ But there are always feelings when people grow apart. But man, we are cool.” Old schoolers showed up to the Soul Train Awards rockin’ shut-em-down outfits and gracing both the old and youngins alike with their regal presence.

Her ex-boyfriend, Common also wrote in his book that while they were dating, the amount of photos Erykah kept around her house of Andre always made him uncomfortable. The show was just taped and since it won’t be airing until ?

I.’s “Sorry” and Young Jeezy’s “I Do” have left scars on the game that no one will ever forget.

During his glory Out Kast days, we got to experience imperative moments in his personal life through his clever word play like his apology to Erkyah Badu’s mother in “Ms.

He talked about his then relationship with the late great, Prince, and why Prince started acting like Charlie no longer existed ?

READ MORE The fiasco going on with Jermaine Jackson and his soon-to-be-ex-wife of 11 years, Halima Rashid, is kind of reminiscent of that part in Eddie Murphy’s “Raw” stand-up when he belted out “Half!


Jackson.” RELATED: 34 Minutes Of Andre 3000 Guest Verses, 2004-2014 Now that he’s ventured off into the film industry, 3 Stacks has showed us that his creativity as an artist goes far beyond music. However, he tends to bless us with gems about his life and career in his rare interviews.

In honor of his 40th birthday, we decided to dig up some fun facts about Andre Benjamin that you may not have known.


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