Andy samberg dating game

We were kind of glad that cranky Chevy didn’t show up to help Seth with the news.

Since the show was a big reunion, we would have loved to see an appearance from Don Novello as the chain-smoking Father Guido Sarducci to discuss the recent Pope and Vatican shenanigans.

We get the romcom bit, but how many male member jokes did we really need — especially one so incredibly stupid?

The punch line just didn’t pay off, even if Fred Armisen’s eyebrows made a great Eugene Levy.

With the nostalgia turned to high, Timberlake and pal Andy Samberg reprised their roles as our favorite ’90s-era R&B crooners of “Dick in a Box” fame, this time playing a set of bachelors competing on the show. The former “two wild and crazy guys” compete against the smooth balladeers for the heart of an “American fox” (Vanessa Bayer). dressed as a giant piece of tofu hawking for “Veganville,” competing against Bobby Moynihan’s “Sausage Depot” guy. sing about tofu mayonnaise – and who isn’t, really — watch this cruddy You Tube version to get your fix until a better one magically appears.

Everything old is new again, and reminded us that the Festrunk Brothers (Aykroyd and Martin) were making the same dick jokes before J. The The classic Timberlake sketch where the singer dresses as an overly enthusiastic walking “bring it on down to so-and-so-ville” billboard doesn’t appear to be online yet (and probably won’t be due to music rights issues). We heard raps about constipation, tofu burgers and burritos, and smoothies to the tune of “Ice Ice Baby,” Rihanna’s “We Found Love” (in a meatless place), the dreaded “Harlem Shake,” and more. Human fanny packs, haunted diapers, outdoor concerts from Zoloft commercials, Donald Duck having a Vietnam flashback: yes, Bill Hader’s Stefon returned to the show last night to give us some spring break tips and wish Seth’s girlfriend dead.

With's 40th anniversary special airing tomorrow, we felt compelled to take a look back at the series’ tastemaking sketches and their unforgettable stars that brought us to where we are now, setting the standard for comedy past and present.

3: the Festrunk Brothers, another famed bachelor duo who exchanges American catchphrases via their heavy Czechoslovakian accents and wears plaid pants to accentuate their, erm, bulges.

For the record: we love Nasim Pedrad no matter what her genitals look like, but we wondered if the writers would stop relegating her to these lame bit parts if she did actually have a penis.

has been the jumping-off point for some of the greatest comedians in history; Eddie Murphy, Tina Fey, Chris Farley, and Dan Aykroyd are only a few of the show’s alums who went on to become household names.


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