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The quoted paragraph clearly says “about 6,000 years since Creation” not “6,000 years of Creation”. “When God created the heavens, there were no angels yet!He showed a portion of page 152 of that book to prove how “misinformed” the Jehovah’s Witnesses with their “seven 24-hour day period”[5] stand. As shown in marked red circle above, it is so obvious that the book traced the beginning of 4,028 years to the end of B. 1 “from Adam’s creation” not from earth’s creation.


In fact, if we look again at the quotation he used in the Adventist book, it says “about 6,000 years since Creation”. [9] “At Creation Christ commanded, and it was instantly accomplished. Could not He have spoken just once and brought everything into existence in a moment? We need to clarify the meaning of “heavens” in Genesis 1:1 at this point. Through this we can fully analyze and test the reliability of Soriano’s authority to interpret the Bible.Rather than vast periods of metamorphosis, His powerful word was responsible for Creation. Perhaps He took delight in the unfolding of our planet in those six days.”[10] It is very clear that from the Adventist point of view, the 6,000-year period is not referring to the duration of the creation week, but rather it is referring to the 6,000 years of human history since the creation of the world. In his article he describes the “heavens” in Genesis 1:1 as a place where angels live, and that God, together with His Son, seems not included.


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