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Michelle was creating drama for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta or do you think Angela was creating drama for the headlines?

You didn’t know what legs that bullet was going to take. Thank God, people know me and people [were] actually looking at those n—-s like they some cornballs. If I wasn’t a bitch that was dranking her drank, cashing her checks it might woulda f–ked up my whole motherf–king day.

My thing with you [Yee] is that you are friends and family of the label. You knew that album was coming out and you know how the media attack me.

From graduating college to managing Wu-Tang and soon landing her own radio show on Eminem’s Shade 45 Sirius Satellite station, the self-described shoe lover has been climbing in her radio career.

Naturally, additional doors have opened up for her, with the most recent being VH1′s reality TV newbie , a show based on women in urban media from bloggers to journalists and of course, radio personalities.

In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1, K.

Michelle called out host Angela Yee for instigating a fabricated beef between K and Maino and Uncle Murda when they were guests.

What I am going to say, Angela, even with you, you’re a woman and I think I’ve been very cool and very supportive of you. So, thank God I got to enjoy this album release because it didn’t affect anything.The interview was over and the credits was running. You brought that back up and you was being all instigative and he said he slept with me, you was all, “Ew, you nasty.”What I’m saying to you is, you knew that my album came out the next day. People still went to the stores and they still in my DM.“You don’t know what that might have done to me.Any negative headline that they can put up to overshadow my music is what they do.She Tweeted, “No one will ever bait me into an argument when those love and hip hop cameras are rolling.” Do you think K.


Vixen caught up with Angela to dress her up in bold spring looks and chat to find out what her life is like in reality (minus the TV).

Don’t come for the lady with the number one album in Anguilla.


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