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I had a lesson in the power of guilt recently and in the power of letting it go. After the session, she opened up (surprise, she told her mom sometimes she hates it). Because when we release those feelings, it’s the first step in relieving them.My local JDRF chapter hosted a cool retreat called “Women of Type 1.” It was for adult women with type 1, moms of type 1 kids and teen girls with type 1. I don’t imagine we’ll ever really separate guilt and diabetes.

): The moms talked about admiring their daughters’ strength, worrying about them being on their own and admitted sometimes feeling like they hovered or nagged too much. Guilty that diabetes makes their parents worry, that it takes up time & money and takes away from family and fun time. Many thought they had shielded their kids from knowing how much diabetes takes.

The teens talked about being grateful and admiring their moms’ strength, even though they said their moms did tend to hover and nag too much. We brought the groups back together; I shared the moms’ responses and Lauren shared the teens’.

When she read, “When I think about her day it makes me feel guilty,” she started tearing up.

There was one teen who hadn’t talked to her mom about how she felt about diabetes in two years. I’m so grateful to have helped nudged along the conversation.

I heard later that some of the moms called it a breakthrough moment.

In 2010, the coalition government made a commitment to work to reduce the use of animals in scientific research and a delivery plan has been published.


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