Aniston mayer dating again

She was also involved, briefly, with Robert Ackroyd, of Florence + The Machine, DJ Diplo and rapper Riff Raff.Looking as if they may be rekindling their romance, breaking reports tell that Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer are once again a couple.He promises he's changed, but that promise will be broken," the insider added.The Teenage Dream singer was previously married to comedian Russell Brand, but divorced after 14 months.


He even sought professional help," the source said."Everybody told her not to take him back because she's going to get hurt again but she's not listening.Following numerous rumors pairing the former "Friends" star with various Hollywood hunks, a source tells Us magazine of Jen and John, "He really got to her, and she's hooked on him.She just can't let go." After breaking up in January, the insider dishes of the twosome, "They are very close. However, the pair reunited earlier this month and were pictured enjoying a dinner date in Beverly Hills, California."As soon as John called Katy, she went running back to him.


He swears he's a different man now and feels ready to commit.Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer are reported to be dating again.


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