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It has been found necessary to enlarge upon many words, whose full and real meaning is not adequately disclosed by a mere definition.

To all definitions which do not apply in this country, the American meaning has been added.

Local meanings, words and phrases ; provincialisms, both English and American, and a few slang words and phrases — all of which are instructive as showing the natural growth, and in some cases the debasement, of the pure stock of our language — are given for what they are worth, and only in such instances as are to be met with in early and recent standard works.

The etymology of each word will be found at the end of the definition of the primitive word.

^^T IS confidently expected that this dictionary will commend itself to all those who favor books of reference on the multuni in parvo plan.

Every accepted word in the English language will be found in its pages ; and, in addition, many technical terms which the advance of modern science and the recent rapid spread of useful knowledge in the United States have made part and parcel of our popular literature ; also many old words and meanings found in the writings of the Elizabethan and Queen Anne periods.


Choose a complex secret password, then share it with the persons who would you like to chat with - preferably via phone, but for paranoid security level you should meet them face-to-face and remove batteries from all cell phones during the conversation.

Password and room have to be the same for the participants, username can be anything.


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