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As I have stated before, go on Youtube, type in “interracial tag” into the search bar and see what couples come up the most. For further proof that black women are the biggest cheerleaders of interracial relationships, I challenge you to go on Amazon, type in “interracial romance” in the search bar and see what comes up.There are two main camps on this issue, there is the pro black camp which believes that dating interracially is a sign of self hatred and that black men should stick to dating and marrying black women only.


Having written the book Negro Wars I would most definitely have to agree that black women in general are not the same women of 60 years ago, they have changed for the worst and as a black man dating a black woman in 2016 comes with huge risks attached.

People seem to believe that I have a problem with black women, I have a problem with dysfunctional black women, this is evident in my posts and the type of black women that I address.

This is one of many reasons why black men are choosing non black women over black women.

Pro blacks continue to push the false narrative about the issues with black women only covering a small percentage of them when they know beyond any doubt at this point the overwhelming majority of black woman have been contaminated, this is the main reason why black men are finding it extremely difficult to locate good stock amongst black women, the old needle in the haystack analogy comes to mind.


THE TRUTH ABOUT INTERRACIAL DATING Being on Facebook and many groups therein I have the opportunity to see firsthand what is going within black society and the many issues that black men are having to deal with on the daily.

One subject that continues to raise its head is the topic of interracial dating.


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