Anushka and ranveer dating

She should obviously have the looks, personality and everything that excites me. I find it refreshing when someone talks more about you than herself. KL: What would happen when you realize that your 'legendary' Hindi songs collection is wiped out from your i Pod? I have no qualms about it; I'll do it now to you if you say so. You need to have a mother and a father to raise a child right. KL: Women think with their hearts and men with their..? Flirtatious, fun and frolicsome - Ranveer Singh is unabashed about things he love, and things he doesn't. KARISHMA LOYNMOON: Tell us three things we don't know about you.


I need time to spend with my boys every week or two. I love cars, boy toys and of course I'm crazy about women. RS: I find other sources of joy like my family or by being involved with someone else romantically. KL: Do you get intimidated at the thought of proposing? KL: What's the one thing your sister keeps nagging you about? And that I have to temper my personality to appeal to everyone and that I don't hesitate to play high stakes. RS: I don't remember what we used to fight over but we used to fight a lot. In retrospect they're not even fond memories for us to laugh over.


That translates into her acting, which is why she comes up with brilliance. And if you got to know that your ex-girl friend was to blame for it?

She's probably the most honest person I've come across in my life.


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