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Today, we’re talking all about Halo 5’s newest upcoming drop, and plenty more. In last week’s blog, we promised we’d have an ETA for Action Sack, and I am happy to relay that the playlist is now available. Before we dig into the full preview of Anvil’s Legacy (the next free Halo 5 release coming on September 8, alongside Halo 5: Forge for Windows 10), let’s first talk about Halo 5’s newest playlist, Action Sack.It features a mix of community-created modes, and for the first time in Halo history, offers 4v4, FFA, and Infection modes – all in one playlist.To get a breakdown of the playlist and each mode contained within the launch lineup, head here.We also showed you a sneak peek of a few things that were inside, including new weapons, new skins, an unnamed Magnum, looks at new maps, and more.Today, we’ll take a look at all of the content inside. As showcased on Wednesday, Mercy is a reimagining of Halo 4’s Haven.This week, we’ve got the final teaser in the Content Browser series that many of you Forge fanatics have been following.


To get the details on how the updated Sangheili art style came to be, I caught up with artist Ryan Peterson."Being only one game removed, we wanted the remake of Haven to have a main visual landmark reminiscent of Forerunner themes from the original map and maintain the otherworldliness, yet take the general aesthetic as far away from the previous version as possible.I cannot thank them enough for all of their work and dedication to making the game changing idea of Prefabs a real thing.Excited they’re about to finally land in the hands of the community so we can see the creative things they do with this new tool! 8 Earlier this week, we announced the name and September 8 release date of the next Halo 5 content release – Anvil’s Legacy.

The idea of allowing the users to create Prefab groups, share them with each other, and stamp them in other maps is one of the biggest concepts we set out to accomplish in H5 Forge.It took a lot of heroes to pull this idea off; most of which are outside the core Forge team.


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