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The Windows® operating system will indicate an error, should the amount of data that the host controller can handle be exceeded.

adalah sebuah aplikasi yang mengubah PC anda menjadi sebuah sistem suveillance video CCTV.

Ditujukan untuk rumah dan pengguna bisnis kecil, sistem memungkinkan melakukan Capture, penyimpanan dan pemutaran gambar dari beberapa USB Webcam baik, atau Axis® IP kamera di mode JPEG dan MJPEG.

One Camera Viewer user has achieved over 20m with Cat5e to USB adaptors, allowing webcams to be connected over a network cable.


Penggunaan Webcam sebagai USB camera memiliki keterbatasan:1) USB cameras transfer video data to the computer via a USB port.

However, due to the large amount of data contained in a video stream there is a limit to how much data can be transfered.

However, chaining two 5 metre active repeater cables can be used to extend the camera up to a distance of 10 metres, (plus the webcam's cable length), from the computer.

Voltage drops across each repeater prevent webcams from being used at greater distances, unless they are powered by a separate power supply.


They connect to the computer's USB port, which transfers data and provides power, as such they usually require no external power supply.

The cable length of these devices is normally between 1.5 and 3 metres.



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