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By controlling the platform on which they provide their services, as opposed to an established webcam site, they can maximize their earning potential.Many webcam sites take a significant cut of the profits from webcam sessions, sometimes as much as 70 percent of the provider’s earnings.We can likely expect more apps like Saucy Time to continue to take advantage of evolving technology in the pursuit of making cyber and physical sex more accessible than ever.But these webcam sites have largely been accessed via computer, until now.A new app called Saucy Time says its the first i Phone and i Pad application that allows users to Face Time with their favorite cam girls.According to Saucy Time creator Chris Jeffrey, this new platform already has 50,000 users that are ready to get up close and personal with their favorite webcam stars.“We take glamour models off that pedestal and make them attainable,” Jeffrey told VICE.Like these sites, Saucy Time takes a cut, but Jeffrey insists that it is much lower than most other webcam platforms.


The “girlfriend experience” is extremely common for both webcam actresses and escorts alike, meaning that many men who frequent these websites are seeking companionship from beautiful women, not just a quick glance at their boobs.

They also offer unique economic opportunity for women who make a living doing sex work online.

“It’s about personality and attitude, but this isn’t about baring your breasts — it’s about being a fantasy girlfriend, the sort of girl these guys would want to go out for a beer with.

There’s an emotional investment you just don’t get if you’re tapping out messages on a keyboard.” Apps like Saucy Time turn on its head the notion that men seek out women on the Internet solely for sex.


The Internet offers an astounding number of ways for people to get it on, either physically or virtually.

Beyond the Craigslist ads and hook-up sites, there are thousands of websites dedicated to webcam sex shows where people, largely women, perform for their legions of dedicated and paying fans.


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