Aquarius woman and cancer man dating

Cancer man loves romantic relationship that involves candlelit dinner, house comfort, "Good morning, darling! For the Cancer man, romance is a journey on a ship in a cozy cabin, a swimming in the sea under the moonlight, dinner table for two.For the zodiac sign Aquarius, romance of life consists of songs around the campfire, help to all people suffering, road leading to an unknown destination...Cancer man and Aquarius woman met each other at the will of Providence.Their union promises to be harmonious because both zodiac sign show similar qualities. The compatibility horoscope laments on the fact that there is rarely trust between these two zodiac signs because they totally do not understand each other.She finds it more interesting to live only for today, not remembering yesterday, and not thinking about tomorrow.Aquarius woman is as if she is afraid of passion: she can be indifferent to his ardent declaration of love, she can be cold in bed.Any Cancer man's attempt to awaken sensuality in his woman may be perceived by Aquarius woman as an assassination attempt on her freedom and independence.



Cancer man is very difficult and deeply goes through this situation, because he feels that his woman does not have any feelings for him.Aquarius woman for the first time in life encountered such a sacrificial love on the part of a man to her.


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