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If you are a black muslim, then in a country like Lebanon, you can get a arab girl, hopefully, but in Saudi Arabia, they hate anything black.What you are preaching is 'Arab-ism' and not Islam. You see the Arab as superior on the false premise of race, when their is no such thing as an Arab race, just as thier is no such thing as a Jewish race, as jews come in various colours, just as Arabs come in various colours.It's strange how you share so many views with 'Abdull', yet you claim you are not him.Their honor is in stake, they will be known as whores, if they even try to get with a nonarab men.Arab women are made for arab men, they are loyal to us unlike your women who get with nonblack people, it is called self respect, they have alot of it.


We don't have them on leashes, they choose to date with their own men, because it is a match made in heaven.Arab women rarely date out, and arab men are lucky for their women.


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