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Despite all the speculation of a split, Jay-Z celebrated his 46th anniversary on December 4, and Beyoncé's mom, Tina Knowles, didn't miss the chance to congratulate her son-in-law.In fact, their three-year old daughter Blue Ivy's room is in the middle of both parents' bedrooms, according to the shocking statements a source close to the beautiful 34-year old singer shared with According to the same source, they won't hold this fake marriage for too long, as they just can't bear each other. But they're trying to keep the marriage together because of business.If they move to divorce, the division of assets will be an multi-million dollar enterprise.According to reports, the couple's marriage is on the rocks, and they're staying together to protect their business interests.Together for over 15 years, Jay-Z put a ring on Beyonce's finger in 2008.

Additionally, if the brand folds, they will both lose a huge fortune.Of course, there is still Blue Ivy, their only daughter, who will celebrate her fourth birthday next month and would likely be the most harmed if a split formally takes place.


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