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She also has some fairly powerful fashion-world allies, as the face of Madonna's Material Girl clothing line and the muse for John Galliano's newest perfume, Parlez-moi d' Amour.Over the summer, Momsen fired her stylist and has since taken a lot of criticism for her revealing ensembles and comically smudgy eyes.Less than two weeks later, Chace Crawford admitted to Vulture that his character, Nate Archibald, is so stupid "it's gotten funny." It's only fair, then, to start wondering what's in store for the cast once Gossip Girl gives her final "XOXO." I've taken a look at the original seven stars' current and future projects to predict who will succeed post-"Gossip Girl" -- and who may be doomed to the same quasi-obscurity as, well, most of "The O. Blake Lively A co-star in the hit film adaptation of beloved young adult novel "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants," Blake Lively was the best-known "Gossip Girl" from the very beginning.More than three years into the show's run, she remains its biggest star.Despite the fact that her role as Serena van der Woodsen doesn't require much in the way of serious acting, Lively has managed to land several key movie roles.So far, she's made a lot of good decisions: by taking substantial roles in indie films ("The Private Life of Pippa Lee"), Oscar bait ("The Town"), and blockbuster comic-book adaptations (2011's "Green Lantern") alike, she's setting herself up for a versatile career.

Their music isn't bad, and Momsen actually has a strong voice for rock 'n roll.

Whether you like her look or not, her insistence on defining herself sets her apart from just about every other star her age. As long as she steers clear of Lindsay Lohan-style meltdowns, Momsen's bad-girl persona just might become her personal brand.


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    SEATTLE — Attorney General Bob Ferguson today filed a consumer protection lawsuit against a former Whatcom County loan officer, accusing her of offering home loan modification and bankruptcy services, neither of which she is qualified for under state law, then charging hefty and illegal up-front fees, while providing little or no help.

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    One such marking can tell us a lot from one look is the British Design Registry mark, or as some in the trade refer to it, the “Kite” or “Diamond” mark.

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