Are kat dennings and matthew gray gubler still dating

So he recruits the help of a fellow misfit, the sarcastic local bartender, Becca (Kat Dennings), in order to appease the vengeful spirit and return his house and family to normal.

Gubler generously took the time recently to talk about filming ‘Southern Gothic’ during an exclusive interview over the phone.

The girl’s spirit soon begins making her presence known, through visions and nightmares, to Raymond, who used to be able to interact with the paranormal as a child.

While he lost the ability as he grew older, he’s reminded of his true calling as he begins interacting with the girl’s spirit.

Among other things, the actor discussed how he was drawn to play the role of Raymond in the horror comedy, as the film’s unique protagonist and story not only reminded him of the 1970s cult genre films he enjoys, but how he also appreciates acting in the low-budget indie world, as it gives him creative freedom to approach his characters the way he likes; and how he enjoys working with Bates on his films, as they’re not only friends, but he’s also one of the most dedicated filmmakers he knows, and allowed him to infuse his own sense of comedy into his portrayal of Raymond.

Not only does Raymond, the quirky protagonist in the new independent horror comedy, ‘Suburban Gothic,’ which was directed by Richard Bates Jr., struggle to find a job he enjoys and excels at, but also discover the real meaning of having true friends and family.

Actor Matthew Gray Gubler, who previously worked with the director on his first film, the 2012 horror drama, ‘Excision,’ also found his rightful amongst his colleagues on the movie; the performer effortlessly showcased his comedic roots in ‘Suburban Gothic,’ which will be released on Friday in theaters and on VOD.

After not being able to find a job, he’s forced to move back in with his ever-happy mom, Eve (Barbara Niven), who’s excited to have her son return home, and his high-school-coach dad, Donald (Ray Wise), who’s not as tolerant as his wife.

When the family’s landscaper Hector (Mel Rodriguez) and his crew accidentally discover the skeleton of a young girl who was buried in their backyard, they unleash a vengeful spirit.

So, when he returns home broke to overbearing parents and a possessed house, things couldn't be looking more terrible.

Struggling to find your rightful place in the world, where you’re unquestionably accepted and embraced by the people around you, can be a daunting prospect for many people.


‘Suburban Gothic,’ which Bates also co-wrote with Mark Bruner, follows the slightly immature Raymond (Gubler), who recently graduated from college with an MBA and has a strong desire to launch his career.However, he hasn’t yet reached his potential to work in his goal of upper management.


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