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In the meantime, enjoy this photo taken in the railway station when we were on the way to our train! XDSomehow, smiling conceitedly seems to be what I do best.. I'll be posting photos later, I'm still waiting if we'll get some more from our photographer.. We went photoshooting our Sengoku Basara cosplays on Friday. The weather was way too hot for that, really, but somehow we managed. At one point, I was sure my costume would turn out really awful.. XD It's gonna be so awesome, and something completely different from the usual~ We have to make the clothes and our faces dirty, etc! I've been so busy with school work lately, I haven't really had any chance to spend time online v_v''Man, I don't know how I'm going to survive, I have loads of things to do before Friday. Last tuesday I got another wisdom teeth surgically taken out. :|I'm starting to get worried now, the wound still hurts, and I have a terrible taste in my mouth.. But thankfully a friend of ours borrowed one of her wigs, and even gave us permission to cut it ♥ ♥Edit// I got some new photos from our photoshoot.. Next time I'll post the Tales of the Abyss photos~ We decided to cosplay from it(yes, I call even live action series costuming cosplay.).

Apperence: Same hairstyle as Rinto's yet his hair is black. But we aren't just talking about normal moves dancing. He does dances so amazing that one day sagamine sin was googled more then kagamine rin. Skills: Being the best vietnamese dancer/minecraft pvper/osu player/dubstep dj/prank master. And we aren't talking about some blind kid named Toph no more. By doing the same thing they did to Miku in Trick and Treat. Hobbies: Making dubstep(he is the best vietnamese dubstep producer/dj) and dancing. And in his spare time he plays osu(look it up) and minecraft. Like he makes the best elaborate pranks ever, Eating strawberries(his favorite food).


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    If you ask him, that's what he will say led to this whole thing, the full time wrestling schedule and the toll on his body and the sacrifices he had to make.

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    In essence, the app provides all of the same functions you’d find on our mobile dating site, but in a highly accessible format.

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