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The information on this web page was prepared in an attempt to compile the locations of all reviews of Masonic books, as well as links to reviews of Masonic books on the Internet, plus texts of Masonic books on the Internet. Wilson's abstract: Places Masonry on tenable ground as a science.I will try to add to it regularly, to include current reviews of Masonic books and reviews from the past, too. Mc Kecknie review by Wallace Mc Leod in The Royal Arch Mason, Spring 1992 The Anti-Masonic Party: a Study of Political Anti-Masonry on the United States, 1827-1840, by Charles Mc Carthy (Washington, DC; 1903) Bro. A complete system of the religious philosophy of Masonry based upon the five Grand Periods of Masonry.If anyone wants to send me email, especially if any of the information on this chart is not correct or if you know of additional information that should be included, please send me email by clicking on my name: (Books are listed alphabetically by title, ignoring initial "a", "the", and similar words. Wilson's abstract: The best source on the political phase of this subject. The Arcane Schools: a Review of Their Origin and Antiquity; With a General History of Freemasonry, and Its Relation to the Theosophic, Scientific and Philosophic Mysteries, by John Yarker (1909) Bro. Voorhis in The Philalethes, December 1965The Art and Architecture of Freemasonry, by James Stevens Curl Bro.When a review or indication of text is underlined and in a different color font, it means you can click on those words and you will automatically find that book review or the text of that book on your computer screen. Wilson's abstract: An attempt to trace the derivation of Freemasonry from ancient theological, scientific, and philosophical mysteries. Wilson's abstract: The allegories that veil Freemasonry and the symbols that illustrate it are drawn from the lore of Architecture and building. review by Wallace Mc Leod in The Royal Arch Mason, Winter 1991 review by John M.Wilson's abstract: Lists book he collected and redistributed to libraries. review by Jim Tresner in The Scottish Rite Journal, August 1998 Coil’s Masonic Encyclopedia, by Henry Wilson Coil, revised by Allen E.Includes an alleged history of atrocities perpetrated by Freemasons and a list of anti-Masons who signed the Declaration of Independence. Roberts, published 1996 review by Jim Tresner in The Scottish Rite Journal, February 1998 review by Wallace Mc Leod in The Royal Arch Mason, Winter 1996 Cornerstones of Freedom, by S.Wilson's abstract: Purports to remove the ‘secret veil’ which cloaks Freemasonry and give the reader the opportunity to objectively investigate the Fraternity.Catalogue of Books on the Masonic Institution in Public Libraries in Twenty-eight States of the Union ..., by Henry Gassett (Boston, MA; 1852) Bro. Wilson's abstract: Deals with the relationship between Freemasonry, Religion and the Churches.


The Bible, The Great Source of Masonic Secrets and Observations, by Rev. Hamill in Ars Quatuor Coronatorum, 1991 review by Thomas W.

Jackson in The Northern Light, November 1990 review by Wallace Mc Leod in The Royal Arch Mason, Summer 1990 review by Stewart M. Pollard in The Northern Light, May 1990 The Broken Seal; or Reminiscences of the Morgan Abduction and Murder, by Samuel D. Wilson's abstract: Greene claimed Morgan to be a member of his Lodge – Batavia Lodge The Brotherhood: The Secret World of the Freemasons, by Stephen Knight (Dorset Press; New York, NY; 1986) Bro.


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