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SNAPOutreachinthe Magnolia State AResourcefor Social Service Providers Createdby Madeline Beckerst Class Emerson Fellowforsocial serviceagenciesfightinghungerinthe Jacksonmetroareaandfor the Congressional Hunger Center Madelinewouldliketothanktheentirestaffofthe Good Samaritan Centerin Jackson Mississippifortheirvaluableinsightsguidanceandsupportaswellasthe organizationsclientswhocontributedtheirpersonalstoriestothisproject Dear Community Partner Thankyouforyourinterestin SNAPFood Stamp Outreach Asasocialserviceproviderinthestateof Mississippiyouunderstandtheimpactof hungerinourcommunities The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programor SNAP formerlyknownasfoodstampsisoneimportanttoolinthefightagainsthunger SNAP providesahungersafetynettomillionsof Americanswhoneedanextrahandevery month Thisresourcewhichincludesinformationabout SNAPin Mississippiandtools socialserviceorganizationscanusetoincorporate SNAPoutreachintotheirworkis 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SNAP Thankyouagainforjoiningusinthiseffort Togetherwecanworktoreducehungerin ourcommunitiesthrough SNAPoutreach Sincerely Madeline Becker Madeline Becker Bill Emerson Hunger Fellow st Class D Tableof Contents Overviewofthe Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Importanceof SNAPin Mississippicommunities Whatbarriersdo Mississippiansfaceinapplyingfor SNAP DIntroductiontothe SNAPrecipientsurvey DResultsofthe SNAPrecipientsurvey Howcanwehelpclientsovercomebarriersto SNAP DSNAPoutreachforsocialserviceproviders DResultsofthesocialserviceprovidersurvey Introductiontothe Toolkit Toolkit Contents DSection Guideto Assisting Clients DHelping Your Clientsisa SNAP DSection SNAPoutreachfliers DBuying Good Foodisa SNAP DDo You Qualifyfor SNAP DNutritiousfoodflier DEconomicbenefitsflier DSection Additional Materials DSNAPcrosswordandkey DSNAPapplication DMDHSlocationsnear Jackson IVAppendix Sample SNAPrecipientsurvey Samplesocialserviceprovidersurvey Demographicinformation Fullsurveyresults Acrossthenationovermillion Americanscurrentlyparticipateinthe Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program SNAPConsideredthenationsmostimportantanti A hungerprogram SNAPprovideslow Aincome Americanswithahungersafetynet Eligiblehouseholdsreceivemonthlybenefitsthatcanbeusedtopurchasefoodata licensedretailerwithsomeexceptions Todaybenefitsareaccessedonan Electronic Benefits Transfer EBTcardratherthanthroughpaperstampswhichhasincreasedthe integrityof SNAPbyreducingtraffickinganderrorrates Accordingtothe Centeron Budgetand Policy Priorities SNAPkeptmillion Americansincludingmillionchildrenoutofpovertyin Byensuringthey havemoneytopurchasefood SNAPfreesupresourcesforindividualsandfamiliesto spendonothernecessitiessuchasmedicineortransportation SNAPisespeciallycriticalin Mississippiwhichcurrentlyranksthinthenationinfood security Inoneinfive Mississippiansparticipatedin SNAPcomparedwithonein sevenpeopleinthe United Statesasawhole Most SNAPrecipienthouseholdsin Mississippiincludeachildinfactinof SNAPrecipientsin Mississippiwere childrenthemselves Becausethefederalgovernmentfundstheprogramanincreasein SNAPbenefits providesaneconomicstimulusforstateswherethebenefitsarespent Thestimulusis quicktooestimatesfromthe Centeron Budgetand Policy Prioritiessuggestmost householdsspendabouthalfoftheirbenefitswithinaweekofreceivingthemmaking theprogramanefficientandreliableboosttolocalbusinesseseachmonth Itis estimatedthatinaweakeconomyeveryadditionaldollarin SNAPbenefitscan generateuptoineconomicactivity Inforexample SNAPbenefitsadded aboutmillionto Mississippiseconomy Forcomparisonthe Mississippistate Food Researchand Action Center SNAPFood Stamp Participation Retrievedfromhttpfracorgreports Aandresourcessnapfood A stamp Amonthly Aparticipation Adata Hotfoodsfoodsintendedtobeeatenin Astorevitaminspetfoodsalcoholicbeveragestobaccoandothernon Afooditemsmaynotbepurchased using SNAPbenefits Rosenbaum DSNAPError Ratesat All The Calfresh (SNAP/Food Stamp) Toolkit and Resource Guide contains information on eligibility criteria for SNAP, county-specific application information, and a variety of tools for client prescreening, application…

Read more Around a Common Table: Advancing Community-Based SNAP Outreach for Latino Households in Arizona summarizes findings from community interviews and quantitative analyses to document the level and location …

Read more Outreach and Application Assistance: Case Studies of California SNAP Outreach Trainings is a compilation of best practices in community-based SNAP outreach training methods from across California.…

There were significant publication delays in recent years. Note that if you have paid dues for the volume year, you will receive those issues regardless of actual publication date.

Appendix A - History of Local Chapters by William Beverly, Ken Wilson, George W.

Articles for publication, books for review, and book reviews are currently being accepted.


This stunning 310 page, 8 x 11 format book chock full of color pictures illustrating over 20 articles, book reviews, and a pictorial history of the Michigan Archaeological Society is sure to become a collectors item. Walz, "Recent Woodland Period Research in the Middle St.

This book will be sent only to people who were members during the years 2004, 2005, and 2006. De Fant, "The Indian and the Prairie: Prehistoric and Early Historic Utilization of Native Grassland Environments in Kalamazoo County, Michigan, with Emphasis on Gourd-Neck Prairie in Schoolcraft Township."William M. Joseph River Drainage of Southwest Michigan, with Emphasis on the Late Woodland Occupation of the Kline 1 Site (20SJ29) in St.

They are also encouraging members to submit short articles for publication.

The Omnibus issue covering volumes 50, 51, and 52 has been printed and mailed to all who were members for the years 2004-2006.

The Michigan Archaeologist is the publication of the Michigan Archaeological Society, featuring articles, book reviews, and artifact/site reports.

The Michigan Archaeologist reviews and accepts manuscripts of interest to the professional and avocational archaeologist in Michigan and the surrounding states and provinces.


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