Arianny dating

As you probably know, Ariana Grande re-entered the market earlier this summer after calling it quits with Ricky Alvarez — so does that mean the door has opened for a lil romance with Mac Miller??

Musically, the two collaborated (and had some insane chemistry!

) several years ago on Ari's track and supposedly for a song on Mac's upcoming album.

But despite working together, the 23-year-old beauty appears to be spending a suspicious amount of time with the rapper as the pair was spotted earlier this week at the West Virginia Airport just before hanging out backstage at Mac's WVU's Fall Fest performance the next day.

Her caption pretty much sums it up: "Baabyyy."The budding couple, who collaborated on "The Way" in 2013, have been romantically linked for the past several weeks.

Grande was seen flirting with the rapper after the MTV VMAs in late August, and has featured him in her Snapchat stories. Here's hoping they last longer than Taylor and Tom.

Ariana Grande posted a photo of her and Mac Miller in some sort of lovey-dovey headlock on Instagram.

Way to make Greco-Roman wrestling look adorable, lovebirds.


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