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This document was written and contributed to by a group of LGBT Peace Corps Volunteers in Ecuador.It was originally to be a chapter in a longer document put together by Ecuador PCVs to help new volunteers familiarize themselves with their lives as a PCV in this country.In a surprising way, Peace Corps really forces you to get to know yourself and take care of yourself.As I once put it, it teaches you to be your own best friend.As I said, I don’t regret my decision to become a Peace Corps Volunteer.I wanted some time away from academia to define who I was and if I really wanted to be a psychologist.I also wanted an experience that would really challenge me and force me to grow up in a way that [university life] simply doesn’t permit.

I wanted to have an expanded sense of what it is to be human in other parts of the world.I wanted to have a better understanding of poverty and those who are among the most vulnerable.


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    The main legislation governing the production of passports and travel documents, their possession by persons entering and leaving Malaysia, and related matters is the Passport Act 1966.

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    Born December 31, 1959, actor Val Kilmer's chameleon-like ability to plunge fully and breathlessly into his characters represents both the gift that catapulted him to fame in the mid eighties, and that which - by its very nature of anonymity - held him back from megastardom for some time.

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