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Up to 8.4 percent of new marriages were interracial, the study found. Additionally, it was discovered that black women marry outside their race less often than black men.

What makes this event stand out from all the other relationship-focused events is that we believe the more gritty the conversation gets, the more hilarious it will become, so we encourage everyone to keep it 100, instead of just keeping it polite or politically correct.

But since we’ve begun doing this show, there is one topic that we try and steer clear from – interracial dating.

The truth about interracial dating that no one wants to admit is that the issue is still extremely sensitive because very few of us have engaged in a completely honest discussion about how it affects the many different aspects of our collective lives.

Although there are many different cultural, historic and psychological dynamics at play here, there are two main reasons why most of us DO care about interracial dating, as much as we pretend it’s not a big issue, and it all begins with the collective cowardice of men and women like Ernest Baker.

, where I discuss location-relevant issues about love, sex and dating in that particular community.Before every show, my co-host and I write out a “thought-map” where we create the questions we want to ask the audience, and analyze which topics we want to cover and which topics we want to avoid.


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