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The hack revealed that the top-notch security the site bragged about on its homepage wasn’t top-notch at all—Avid Life Media even stored user passwords without bothering to encrypt them.

Additionally, Ashley Madison had offered users an option to have their accounts completely deleted if they paid a premium, but the hack revealed that the company had kept many of those users’ details on record, meaning that they were exposed with the rest of the site’s users.


In an apparent previously undisclosed details about Ashley Madison’s rampant fembot problem, as well as that the company is currently the subject of a U. But Annalee Newitz of discovered something else about many of the people on the site: they were fake users, or as she termed them, fembots.

Avid Life Media has faced a rush of John Doe lawsuits after the hack.

Neither the FTC nor Avid Life Media responded to Fusion’s request for comment.

The FTC investigation is not the site’s only post-hack trouble.


Avid shut down the fake profiles in the United States, Canada and Australia in 2014, and by late 2015 in the rest of the world, but some U. users had message exchanges with foreign fembots until late in 2015, according to the report.apologizing for the hack.

He added that the company could have spent more on security in an effort to prevent the breach in the first place.


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