Asian girl dating mexican guy


I am Mexican and am referred to as Latino or Hispanic, that is fine if someone doesnt know what country Im from.

On a side note, I guess things are all about opportunities, as some people on this forum have said it would be nice to know where AF and LM could meet up, lol like the AF for LM site or club or something? (Ernie) I'm a korean female living in Los Angeles California.


But I guess we all have to keep an eye out for that cute latin guy that is giving you the eye (ladies, cuz we are looking) and guys, we have to be confident and respectful when that gal is playing shy (or maybe not so shy! I have been in a relationship with my mexican bf for 2years.) I will have to say that I got lucky on a last post, and someone really sweet and kind and interesting replied. I think they have a rich history and their respect for nature fascinates me. I have always been alot more attracted to mexican men than any other hispanic. He has a 2 year old niece that has stolen my heart away! Tell me what you think about this situation through Email.


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    Be as straight-forward as you can, but don’t get too carried away.

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