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The first thing I noticed is that Tom-Skype is bundled with an executable called Content It is an application developed by Tom Online called Tom Word Review. Tom’s Content loads after one logs into Skype and runs in the background. After logging in to Skype several plain text connections are made to Tom’s web server, in addition to some to Skype’s server.

I tried all the words from the QQ list plus list of political words and phrases.I also tried some mandarin slang and some Chinese sex related words. I sent text chat from one Skype account using Tom-Skype on one computer to another with the same set-up.Here is my initial attempt at trying to figure out Tom-Skype’s filtering.Tom-Skype can be downloaded from com and I installed in in Chinese and English.


Skype’s partner in China, Tom Online, has implemented filtering of Skype’s text chat for Chinese users.Skype is not being transparent about the filtering fucntionality that has been introduced.


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