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By learning what rules he is living by, you can better judge whether any rules you give out will be a complete surprise to him or if, instead, they’ll fit nicely with guidelines under which he is operating.

If your daughter is a dating novice, her first tentative steps into the world of romance will likely be innocent and exploratory.

Instead of making a judgment based on appearances, learn about him before cementing your opinion, positive or negative.

Children learn their first lessons in romantic love from their parents, reminds the National Fatherhood Initiative.

If you are going to hand down a list of dating rules for him and your daughter, it is beneficial for you to know whether he has any rules of his own -- or rules imposed upon him by his parents.

Ask him, for instance, if his parents are OK with him having a girl in his bedroom and what time he has to be home each night.

Even though you aren't the one who will be heading out on a date with your daughter's new boyfriend, it is worth your time to get to know him.

If he tells you that life is troubling with his parents, don't write him off, but you might want to monitor the relationship a bit more closely and take him under your wing if he seems to not know how to engage in a healthy romance.

If he says he is looking for something more serious than your daughter is ready for, voice your concern.

When you first meet your daughter’s new boyfriend, start to build a relationship by asking him about himself.

Engage him in a conversation, showing him that you aren’t putting him in the hot seat but that you are legitimately interested in learning who he is.


If her romantic partner isn’t as new to the process, this could present a problem.Ask your daughter’s boyfriend what he seeks in a relationship, encouraging him to be specific if he gives an overly general answer.


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