Asp updating access check box

I tested this statement succesfully Hi there, well spotted (the space) it did not occur to me - I took the space out.

It now works - too well infact as it updates all records with today's date.

For example 1) if the field to be updates is part of the form's record source then place a text box on the form that is bound to the control.

In the check box's after update event use Hi Hi Tech Coah, I tried both options and the below errors was the result of each.

This is what I do, I tick the text box and select the next record at the bottom of the form then a Write conflict dialog box appears telling me the record has been changed by another user since............ Mark, of course it needs a 'where'-clause to select the records to be updated.

A simple Update-statement always uses all records in the table.

The update is just inserting the date as in "Now()".Many Thanks Mark There are several methods you can use.


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