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We use Moz Local reporting to monitor our listing status, easily see our listings' visibility in search, and understand listing performance at different levels of granularity using reporting labels.Moz definitely delivers the best value in the listing management space.Learn More Before we started using Moz Local, we were bogged down with a lot of the manual work on each channel and it wasn't practical as the local space grew.With Moz Local we now have one central interface where we can control clients' listings and also get solid data for reporting that doesn't require a lot of work to extract or format! We were able to push consistent listing information to the main data aggregators and are happy with the results we have seen.View rankings, reviews, and traffic data, and see performance for all or a subset of locations with Moz Local Insights.Show Me How Ensuring accurate, consistent, and visible listing information for multiple business locations takes time.

Start Using Moz Local Manage your listings with Moz Local and get unique, robust reporting — Monitor your published listing’s status and track the impact of location management on search engine results over time.We seek to simply improve our clients’ online web presence and Moz Local has certainly helped make that happen by making it easier and faster to manage local listings for our clients.We at Kreative Webworks can’t say enough about Rand Fishkin and the Moz Team.Their dedication, support and innovation are a constant reminder of how awesome our industry is.

We take the time commitment and hassle out of updating listings.

Moz Local pushes accurate location data to all the major data aggregators and several top-tier online directories, helps you close duplicate business listings, and lets you easily update your business listings.


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