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Make an appointment for a free 15 minute chat with our Fertility Nurses today!To achieve amongst the highest pregnancy rates in Australia we employ a team of exceptional Specialists, Scientists and Nurses, carry out leading research into reproductive medicine and continuously implement cutting edge technology.We are mindful of the costs involved in providing this level of expertise and our fees reflect the importance we place on ensuring our treatments remain as accessible as possible.Medicare has called this the “Extended Medicare Safety Net benefit cap”.The actual rebate from the Safety Net is difficult to estimate, as each IVF treatment is individually tailored to suit each patient and the amount of the Safety Net rebate also depends on whether you have reached the Safety net threshold for that calendar year.The Extended Medicare Safety Net (EMSN) provides an additional rebate for Australian families and singles who incur out-of-pocket costs for out of hospital services.Medicare has put a maximum limit on the amount of benefits that will be paid for IVF related services in 2010.

While Medicare covers most Monash IVF services, the fees associated with providing Assisted Reproductive Technologies can be confusing.

To help you understand our fee structure, we have provided answers below to some of the common questions we are asked about our fees: Most items within the Monash IVF fee have a Medicare rebate, which means that Medicare will pay part of the cost of your treatment cycle.


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