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On-line guide to problems and routes Non-Guarded vs Guarded Access Reservations "How do I get in to climb?

" - Restrictions, Rules, Pets Camping/Lodging (other than at Hueco), Food, Guidebooks, Guide Services, Internet Camping (at Hueco) Huecotanks HQ phone number Other Nearby Climbing Destinations Hueco Climbing History Timeline Non-English Translations The turnoff to Hueco Tanks is about 25 miles east of El Paso, TX.

After you have reservations, consider obtaining a Texas State Parks Pass (TSSP) if it makes economic sense for your length of stay.


You will then be able to travel unescorted anywhere in the North Mountain zone.If you wish to subject yourself to the Guarded Tours system, you can sign up for a free bouldering tour, which may be led by either a volunteer or a member of the Park staff.But, before you get too excited, remember that unless you have a reservation, you won't be able to get into North Mountain during the peak season, and reservations are .00/day/person, refundable only if the person with the reservation is a TSPP holder.Before entering the Park, you must possess an updated disorientation card.

A TSPP feature allows you to purchase additional add-on users for a small extra fee.The best thing about the TSPP is that it can be used for an entire car-load of climbers, if the driver is a TSPP holder!


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