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Would you like to realize similar mechanisms in your own environment?

This process is described, for example, in the FAQ.

Automatic Updates (AU) is the component of the WSUS client that checks for, pulls down, and triggers installations and reboots of approved updates from WSUS or Microsoft Update (MU).

You can use Group Policy or Local Group Policy to modify Automatic Update configuration on your WSUS clients to determine what notification, download, install, and reboot behavior your WSUS managed clients will experience in updating from WSUS.

Although there are policy settings for WSUS that control additional configuration, this article focuses on configuration options that define update notification, download, installation, and post-install reboot behavior.

If you don't, the automatic update might not be successful. In the Update section delete the contents of the field Setting URL and enter one of the values described in Setting Server URL. Then save the new Setting Server URL by clicking on the Save button at the bottom of the page.Then reboot the phone which will automatically begin to do the necessary updates one after the other, until it has updated to all current parts of the firmware.


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