Automatic updating of drivers devices 11 0 0 1116 rar

Also check : Micromax Android 4.3 Rollout Phase: Doodle 2, Canvas 4, Canvas HD As You all know Micromax has started providing the updates via OTA where users can manually update their phone OS .

For this you need to Follow this process – Menu–Check Now!

If you are switching from 4.2 to 4.3 then you will notice only few changes but if you have a phone with 4.0.4 ICS android OS then you will be amazed to see some new added features .

Android 4.3 comes with few new advanced features which you can read on the official site of Google Android .

NOT SURE for other handsets whether they are going to receive this update or not.

Canvas 4 was recently launched and this phone will be the first phone in the canvas smartphone series to get this update and then for other phones .

Google has also recently released Kit Kat Android v4.4 after Jelly bean 4.3.


As stated above canvas 4 A210 will be the first Micromax phone to get this update and then Canvas HD will get this update .

Also Check: Android 4.4 Kikat Update Availability on Micromax Those phones that are already running on Jelly Bean will surely get this new update but can’t say for those phones running on ICS ,etc .

The update is expected to come in canvas series in the fourth quarter of 2013 .

Expected Handsets to get this update : Canvas 4 , Canvas Doodle 2 , Canvas HD, Canvas Turbo etc .

Else Take your phone to the Micromax Service Center and ask them to update your Phone’s Android OS .

Before doing this make sure you backup all your personal data .


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