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It has been a decade since Ryan Atwood (Benjamin Mc Kenzie) had his first entree into life in "The O. C." first hit the airwaves, which made him the youngest TV creator ever and probably, one of the only ones who would admit to penning a highly-acclaimed pilot in his boxer shorts.

C.," bringing fans of teen soap along for a look at life inside the mansions of Newport Beach. From the real story behind Mischa Barton's departure to the Cohens' original name, and the missed coupling opportunities to the star who didn't even make it onto "The O.

(Of course, Schwartz was later able to use the name in casting "The O.

"I've now grown up and make sure to wear pants when I'm writing. Maybe I should go back to boxers."But in seriousness, he added, "For me, it was really an opportunity to write about the experiences that I had in college, coming as a Jewish kid from the East Coast to [the University of Southern California] ...

Orange County/Newport Beach was an entirely new world to me and I, of course, was never going to fit in into that world, but I saw what was appealing about it ...

It was never about, 'Let's make fun of Newport Beach and Orange County.' I wanted it to be as appealing and as seductive for audiences as it was to me and I wanted the characters in that world to be as accessible to the audiences as someone like Ryan was, who was a bit more obvious outsider.

So, very quickly, the idea of, 'Everybody in this world is an outsider, even if they appear to the ultimate insider,' started to take shape and really helped, I hope, make all the characters feel more accessible."One character Schwartz had no trouble developing was Marissa Cooper's (Mischa Barton) Season 1 boyfriend: lacrosse-loving, puka-shell-sporting Luke Ward (Chris Carmack).

On the one hand, a lot of the kids and their parents espoused very conservative, Ralph Lauren-wearing values and then, you know, when the sun goes down, it was a very different lifestyle," he said.


"There was this whole legion of guys at USC, most of whom were in the Beta fraternity -- it was just a whole new breed of romantic obstacle for me," he explained."These guy s were like, 6' 4", blonde, perennially stoned and would sort of show up at a party in flip flops and a collared shirt with their hair left completely however it was when they got out of the pool and leave with every girl in the place."Despite his preconceived notions of Luke and co., Schwartz didn't have a dream cast in mind when writing "The O.


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