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In the Avatar Factory, you can choose from a number of features and colors, including your Avatar's sex, face, hair, eyes, headdress, ears, nose and mouth.


Simply click on the "gear" icon and the Settings window will pop up.Here’s a clip of the album version of the song: CM: I’m from a smaller town in Kansas and started singing by listening to old recordings of my grandpa (who sounded like Frank Sinatra).To purchase a Soldier skin, use the arrow buttons to scroll to the skin you wish to purchase and click on the "Add" button, located next to the price of the skin. We’re all about calling our friends and/or selves rock stars for everything from having a homeless man stare at us creepily on the subway to having a homeless man expose himself to us on the subway. He’s worked with essentially everybody who’s important in the music industry. Check out his website, where you can download a free track.

The term “rock star” gets bandied about a lot these days (sadly, the word “bandied” does not). His voice has been featured in a gazillion movies, his albums are all over i Tunes, and he’s performed for (gasp) Oprah (gasp).In most cases, the use of such a phrase is, at best, a gross exaggeration. Speaking of free tracks, you can download a free track of an acoustic version of Chris’s track “Drift” from our album on the Band Profile tab of our Facebook page.



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