Avid dating life europe

To date, Avid Life's private investors remain anonymous.

According to reports on Bloomberg and the Financial Times, the company is exploring an IPO on the London Stock Exchange or its junior AIM market.


There are some news stories where the jokes just seem to write themselves, but that doesn't keep us writers from taking a shot.And so when Ashley Madison said it's planning an IPO in London, there were all kinds of puns about hooking up, how the IPO market is getting steamy, how cheating pays on Wall Street, and so on.Which analysts are going to write recommendations of the stock?Which investors will face public rebuke by buying into the offering?

A profile this year of the company in Forbes said Avid Life's revenue rose 45 percent in 2014 to 5 million and its pretax profit totaled million.

That profile also began with an admission by Ashley Madison's CEO that he “will usually lie if a passenger on an airplane asks him what he does for a living.” And that gets at the downside of an Avid Life IPO, which is that while morality may be a fluid thing in the markets – investors will usually look harder at the bottom line than the decisions made to get there – there appear to be some lines they won't cross.



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