Avira not updating windows firewall

I blamed this poor performance on bloatware that came with my computer — bloatware I foolishly didn’t remove.

And, to be fair, the bloatware did play its part; yesterday after reformatting my computer to get rid of the bloatware, I noticed an increase in performance. Before installing Avast, I had little to no computer performance issues. I experienced a noticeable increase in computer performance.

I've been trying to shut it down by task manager, even using Advanced Uninstaller Pro to delete all files from the HDD and registry associated with Avira, but it did nothing.

I was considering to go into safe mode to delete the thing altogether. Freeware remove 32 bit program, the 30 days trial remove 64 bit program.

However, I came to the realization Avast was also causing those temporary freezes. After installing Avast, the familiar temporary freeze was back — such as when I download a file in Firefox or browse a folder in Windows Explorer. I love Avast; it is the only free anti-virus to provide so many features: real-time shield, web shield, IM shield, behavior monitor, script shield, etc. Free Antivirus is more likely to have it than other free anti-viruses. I’m not going to say the temporary freeze issue has gone away completely; it still happens sometimes, like when I have fifty billion Firefox tabs open.

After I reformatted my computer, and the first thing I did was install Firefox. However, I eventually bit the bullet and decided to test my theory. However, now this temporary freeze issue is more related to my hardware than software and something I cannot avoid without upgrading computers. In fact, if you look at performance tests by AV-Comparatives (my favorite website for anti-virus/anti-malware software testing), Avast scores a better rating than Avira — 187.3 (avast!

Yesterday, however, I made the switch back to Avira. It wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t deal with it, which is why I put up with it for eighteen months.


The first ever anti-virus/anti-malware program I used was Kaspersky, a 1-year 3-user license I purchased from Wal-Mart for .

Soon after, I discovered something I never could fathom before: free anti-virus/anti-malware programs, specifically Avira, Avast, and AVG. I originally started with Avira, but over three years ago switched over to Avast due to Avast’s superior features in their free version. You see I’ve been plagued with an issue for the past eighteen months or so: my computer would often temporarily freezes whenever browsing for or downloading files or opening programs.



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