Awv dating ru


Any required authorizations will be obtained by the Buyer.

(a) Offers shall be subject to confirmation, non-binding, and shall be valid subject to Baumüller's possibilities to procure the required materials.

pursuant to AWG [Law on Foreign Trade and Payments], AWV [Order for Implementing the Foreign Trade and Payments Law], Dual Use Regulations, KWKG [War Arms Control Law], (U.

S.) export control laws/embargo laws or similar regulations), the Buyer shall have sole responsibility for complying with all provisions and stipulations.

Therefore, without exception, such documents/information must not be made available to any third parties without the prior express written consent by Baumüller.



In this event, Baumüller reserves to withdraw its offers without any claims, of whatever nature, arising against Baumüller.To the extent that deliveries are subject to obligations relating to foreign trade and payments (i.e.


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