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I have worked for clients such as Amnesty International, ICMM, BTG or Fidessa.

However, it was a constant battle to attempt to survey the boundaries of the parcel, as surveyors were met by unfriendly Indians who made their work daunting and difficult.

In 1726, and then again in 1746, Johannis Hardenbergh paid to acquire the marks of Indian claimants on a new deed to what he believed was already part of his patent.

The Hardenbergh/Hardenburgh Patent was finally surveyed and divided among its shareholders into fifty-two “great Lots' in the year 1751, and for the most part, the Catskills remained a wild, untouched wilderness for another half century.

He worked to assist the county in acquiring tax-sale lands, but was not in favor of having the county pay taxes on these lands.

The name Hardenbergh surfaced again in history books in the late 1800s.Cornelius Hardenbergh, a descendent of Johannis Hardenbergh, served as supervisor of the town of Shawangunk and was a member of Ulster County 's Board of Supervisors.


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