Baby registry not updating


It's the same code and same items and everything was applied earlier. (Also because this happened to me on an online transaction ship to store where they gypped me off my gift card! ) Anyway, I decided I'll go to the store and maybe they can purchase the online only items off my registry for me. The customer service people at my local Target in PA said Target stores and are two separate entities. Linda told me that I can just proceed with the order and she will reimburse me the 15% discount.We wanted to provide you with some negative feedback (surprise! Getting BRU to take items off of our registry after they were purchased by our friends and family has been an exercise in futility.BRU still shows on our registry that we need a car seat base even though we were given a car seat base by one of our friends as a baby shower gift back in September 2011.

We have tried calling BRU several times to get this baby registry problem worked out but our concerns have fallen on deaf and clueless ears.We ended up getting a second car seat base from a family friend in November 2011 (after our 2 baby showers) because our BRU baby registry still wasn’t showing that we had been given the first car seat base back in September 2011.So then I went on my laptop to purchase it there thinking maybe it's my internet or phone. Good to know so I will never buy anything off of basically. I tried to take a break so tried to order the next day. Same thing, so I clicked the "chat" on the bottom of the order page and here goes: Linda and her supervisor Victor seemed to not understand my concern.So then this time, when I use the code, it says "the items in your cart do not qualify yet for this promo." EXCUSE ME?! I think they may be based somewhere else, so that's tougher to deal with. I had a baby registry completion discount and when I placed my order online, the code would not go through.

I did not register there for my wedding, so I have no idea what got to me that I registered there for my baby. I thought they would be cheaper than Babies R Us, so this was more so I can help out friends and fam who want to give us something but not pricey. I should've registered at Wal-Mart instead because Wal-Mart actually has the same things and for cheaper at times.Maybe I'm one of the lucky few moms who actually received the completion discount (Miracle! When I tried to purchase something on using my cellphone or their mobile website, the coupon code seemed to work but then when I reviewed my order, the screen will take hours and not process (as if frozen).


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