Backdating of employment and support allowance

Until you have had your assessment you can still be called into the jobcentre once a fortnight or once a month, but as I say they can't make you apply for jobs.This Government leaflet explains in a bit more detail what the ESA groups are and how much money they get, but don't hesitate to come back to us with any other questions.https://uk/employment-support-allowance/overviewyou have been awarded assessment rate, your payments will/should start within 10 days, you will shortly receive an esa50 form to fill in and return with any evidence that you have, which will then be assessed and you may have to go for a face to face assessment, before they decide whether you qualify for esa and which group (work related activity group or support group) you will go into. @nukecad thanks for your detailed response - I currently receive higher rate mobility and my doctor has deemed me unable to work due to my disability so fingers crossed I will be awarded ESA as I'm very fed up and struggling with not being able to work!



My doctor provided me with a medical note from March (the date I'm claiming from) and I told the lady on the phone this she said thats absolutely fine.As my claim has been awarded does that mean that the back payment has been accepted?Ive been told it will be income-based but when I looked at the rates on the site it said 'up to £57.35' (I'm under £25). Hi Rubos, Don't wish to bring you down but you have not yet been awarded ESA.On my medical note my doctor has said that I will not benefit from adaptations at work I just simply cannot work due to my disability so will I have a medical assessment or not? You have submitted a claim for ESA that has been provisionally accepted pending further evidence and a Work Capability Assessment.


Hi all, I applied for ESA last week and received a text to say my claim has been awarded.As I made a backdated claim I received a letter saying I needed to provide further backdated medical proof.


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